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Many of the species that make our experience at Disney’s Animal Kingdom so great are under threat.  It is up to us to save them for future generations.  Jambo Everyone is honored to work with these conservation organizations dedicated to preserving Earth’s wonderful creatures.  Visit our Conservation Page to learn about the challenges these animals face and what we can do to assist the organizations working to save them.Conservation.htmlfeed://

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The Hamerkop or Hammerkop is a wading bird found all throughout the continent of Africa including the island of Madagascar and Arabia. The shape of its head is very reminiscent of a hammer and gives this birds its name. It is quite unique being the only member of its family, although it is generally thought the bird is somewhat related to pelicans. 

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We now have a VERY limited supply of Radio Harambe t-shirts, pictured, for sale to our listeners.  They have a "distressed" look to them designed after what most of Safari Mike's shirts look like after a trek through the jungle.  The shirts are available in Adult Large and Extra Large only, and they are $24 with most domestic shipping costs included in that price.

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